Why ‘Natural’ is so important to us

At All You Need, we trust Mother Nature to provide what we need – safely and effectively, as She has done for millennia. Here are the 5 things we think about when we talk about ‘Natural’:

All You Need is made without the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and artificial fertilisers which can have a potentially harmful effect. Farming had been fully organic for thousands of years before the creation of artificial fertilisers. It is only in the last hundred years that artificial chemicals have been used intensively on our crops. It is important to note that plants have grown organically in the wild very well without man’s input for 500 million years.

The harmful impact of artificial chemicals doesn’t just affect the consumer of the food, but can affect the farmers and workers who administer the chemicals, as well as the as run-off of toxins harming soil, wildlife, springs, rivers and ultimately our oceans.

We have a saying, ‘don’t panic – it’s organic’.

No artificial ingredients
As well as the importance of not using chemicals to grow our food, we do not allow artificial ingredients, fillers or any junk in All You Need. Our body is designed in such a way to accept and absorb natural ingredients. E-numbers, artificial sweeteners, colours, stabalisers and flavourings are used in some products because they are cheap and do a job. However, due to the health risks associated with them (aspartame, MSG etc) we follow a natural path instead.

Genetically Modified Organisms is a ‘Frankenstein’ idea created by Monsanto and other companies of Big-Food which has potentially devastating consequences for our wildlife, biodiversity, crops and human health. If you would like more detail on this, we recommend the work of environmental campaigner Vandana Shiva.

All You Need is a vegan product because we believe ‘natural’ is living in a state of harmony with our surroundings. Animal agriculture is an inefficient use of land for food production, heavily polluting, uses vast resources of energy and water and as most animals are kept in cages and slaughtered in barbaric scenes – not something we want to be associated with in any way.

One place considered ‘natural’ is the mythical garden of Eden, a place of peace and bliss. We can’t imagine this as a place of suffering to animals by man, rather a place of kindness, compassion and beauty. We’d like to live in Eden, peace and harmony – and that means living in kindness.

AYN is made from a wide range of powerful plants and is carefully blended so that, like Mother Nature, the ingredients support one another a synergistic way. Nature works best in co-operation, in harmony and as a collective – you only need to look at our forests, the most effective and biodiverse land-use on earth – which grow in symbiosis. All You Need’s synergy makes the whole much more than the sum of its powerful parts.


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