Using The Energy of NOW To Rejuvenate Our Lives

RIGHT NOW is a wonderful opportunity for us to use the energy of the season to rejuvenate, cleanse, recharge and renew our lives.

As we approach the spring equinox (this year on March 20th), a special cosmic event happens:

Day and night become equal.

The sun rises perfectly due east and sets perfectly due west.  (Long before the stones appeared, Stonehenge was originally marked out with wooden posts 8000 years ago that marked this equinox alignment).

It is a time to sow seeds, both literally on our windowsills and in our gardens, and also metaphorically, in what we want to grow in our lives – abundance, health, fitness, career, relationships etc

It is a time to ‘weed’ the soil of our lives, removing what no longer serves our highest good, so the seeds we sow have the best chance to grow.

It is a time to tune into the balance of nature, and embrace things in our lives that will bring harmony, just as nature at this time is in harmony.

Things to try:

Make a list of all of the things you could do to be more in harmony with life.

1 – Put the list up somewhere prominent.

2 – Get on do them.

3 – Do your best to live your best life.

Cleanse yourself

1 – do a cleanse and detox for a day or longer, Juliette has a great course on it here – and ebook here).


2 – treat yourself to a spa day and/or do some cold-water therapy.

3 – practice yogic breathing to cleanse your system.

4 – Eat healthy fresh organic food.

5 – Minimise (or better still, turn off) phone, screen and social media.

6 – Drink a good amount of clean water, maybe start your day by squeezing a lemon into a morning drink.

7 – Make an All You Need super-smoothie.

Cleanse your space

1 – clear out some clutter, so the energy can flow – give stuff away, do a run to the tip, charity shops or sell stuff on ebay.  Check out our cleansing video here.

2 – buy some quality incense and smudge your home, car and where you work (we use charcoal discs and burn copal and frankincense)

3 – play some great music, dance, sing, clap your hands, ring a bell, chime or singing bowl – and put the good vibes in.

Our friend Christian Kyriacou, The House Whisperer, is a world leading expert in space clearing and harmonising heart and home.  On March 24th 7-8.30pm he has a free webinar on Space Clearing.

Re-arrange your space

1 – You might wish to look into the ancient art of Fung Sui to optimise your space.  We use the Pa Kua direction system to harmonise our space.  Check out our video here.

Remember, the NOW is all we ever have.  The past has gone, the future is not here.  Be Here Now.  If you want to learn more about being in the Now, a great book is Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

In the NOW, in this very moment, is the power of transformation, renewal and freedom.


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