5 Ways To Get More Love In The Bedroom

1 – Self Love

To love yourself is the most important step in being able to express love to others.  You have to build up money in your bank account before you can spend it, you have to have food in the fridge before you can eat.  We must love ourselves, with acceptance of all that we are – so we can approach loving another with all that we are.  Louise Hay’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ is filled with tools, tips and exercises to help achieve this.


Making sure you are getting enough nutrients, as well as enough exercise, rest and good sleep are important act of self-love, for we need to look after ourselves, so we can care for and love others.


2 – Improve blood flow

When you want to enjoy activity in the bedroom, one of the most important things is to improve blood flow to the sexual organs.  Protein rich foods that contain the amino acid L-arginine are known to improve blood flow and the amino acid citrulline may cause blood vessels to relax.  The popular drug Viagra, works in helping blood vessels to relax, but we recommend using natural foods rather than pharmaceutical drugs which may have harmful side effects.


All You Need is made with fermented pea and quinoa protein for maximum absorption as well as including BCAA’s – branch chain amino acids – known to help performance and recovery.


3 – The sunshine of your life

Vitamin D is essential for sexual function (as well as 900 functions in the body). The chronic deficiency of Vitamin D for many people is one of the greatest causes of poor health – and one that can be easily remedied by getting safe sun exposure when possible and supplementing.

Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with sexual and erectile disfunction as well as low levels of testosterone.  Vitamin D improves blood flow and the maintenance of health hormones.

All You Need has a massive 2000IU of Vitamin D per serving, which means you shouldn’t need to take a separate Vitamin D supplement.  However, if you are chronically deficient, we recommend you have a blood test by your doctor to determine your Vitamin D serum levels, and supplement accordingly.

4 – Getting In The Mood

Magnesium is known as the ‘mineral of relaxation’.  Lowering anxiety, managing stress and ‘getting in the mood’ are the most important aspects of sexual wellbeing – and magnesium helps all these things.

Magnesium improves heart health, mental health and can increase testosterone levels.  All You Need contains a massive 300mg of natural magnesium per serving.

Zinc is also a really important mineral for sexual health, especially for men.  It is necessary to optimise testosterone levels and helps suppress inflammation.  With every ejaculation a man loses about 1mg of zinc, so you will see why replenishing zinc levels is so important for sexual and reproductive health. (Oysters are the highest known source of dietary zinc, hence their reputation as an aphrodisiac.) All You Need contains 1.45mg of plant-based zinc per serving.

5 – The Magic Mushroom of the Bedroom

Medicinal mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to promote sexual health and performance.  Reishi is sometimes called ‘the magic mushroom of the bedroom’ for its ability to regulate sexual hormones, bring about relaxation and lessen fatigue.

All You Need combines the power of reishi with chaga (the ‘king of immortality’), lions mane mushroom and turkey tails mushroom to provide potent support for overall as well as sexual health.

In addition All You Need combines the power of super-greens (a good source of Vitamin E – for healthy sperm count), ashwagandha (increases libido and endurance) and natural Vitamin C plants for overall health.


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