Our guide to positive mental health

According to Dr Chatterjee people experience hundreds of ‘micro-stress moments’ every day.  The accumulation of this mental stress can cause a number of health problems.

And some people are not experiencing little bits of stress……

With global conflicts, environmental concerns, and our own individual and family struggles, we need to support our mental health with tools to help us achieve a positive outlook, whatever life throws at us.

Here are some tools for positive mental health.

1 – Community

‘Man is not an island’ – we need each other, especially in challenging times.  In community we can support each other and lift each other up.

Community can be in person, such as a yoga class, church or at clubs and societies – but it can also be on-line such as our All You Need community.

2 – Communicate

If you are lonely or struggling mentally – reach out to others.  It might be a friend, family member or one of the many organisations out there such as the Samaritans, Mind and NHS Mental Health Services.

Expressing ourselves can help release the pressure that can build up inside – a problem shared is a problem halved.

3 – Find Ways To Relax

There are so many ways to chill out – massage, deep breathing, walking in nature, exercise, meditation, yoga, love making etc.

Find something that helps you unwind – and do it regularly!

4 – Find Gratitude In the Moment

Gratitude is so important to our wellbeing that we did a whole newsletter about it.  Scientific studies show how gratitude can help transform our mental health.

5 – Get Out In Nature

Being in nature is natural and leads to a state of harmony.

Our artificial world of Facebook, mobile phones, 5G, cement, pesticides etc can lead us into disharmony.

Follow the natural way – look at a flower, a sunset, the night sky….

6 – Eat Well

A balanced diet with good levels of Vitamin D, essential fats, magnesium and B Vitamins is essential for good mental health.

Good gut health is key to good mental health because of the gut/brain link, so eat a wide variety of vegetables and probiotics.

In addition, adaptogens such as ashwaganda and medicinal mushrooms can be very effective at combating stress.

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