The Five Essentials For Focus

When we learn to focus more effectively, we can achieve more with less stress.

Here are our top 5 tips.

1 – State

Tony Robbins talks about changing our physical state of being – by moving, dancing, stretching or shaking the body in a way that feels good for us.  Our physiology and mind are connected.  By shifting the energy of our body, we can put the mind in an enhanced state to focus.  Try it! Move your body in a way that feels good for you before attempting a task that requires focus.  All You Need Founder Juliette likes to dance to feel a shift in energy.  It seems to be working!

2 – Hydration

When our mental capacity starts to lag it can often be a sign that the body is dehydrated.  If not addressed by adequate hydration, this can have an alarming negative impact upon our physical health and our ability to focus.  Just 2% dehydration levels can lead to a decline in cognitive function.  Stay hydrated!  A pinch of good clean salt (not table salt), a squeeze of lemon or a spoon of All You Need can help too.

3 – Fuel

There are two parts to this. The first is breathing.  This includes the importance of oxygen which plays a crucial role in the processing of fuel for the body cells to function.  And on a more esoteric level, breathing and connecting to the life force (known in different traditions as prana, chi, ki, orgone etc).

The second aspect is food as fuel.  Good nutrition, which for us means organic whole foods, is literally fuel for the body and brain.  If you don’t get a wide range of nutrients, your cognitive function can diminish.  Some of the most important nutrients for focus – Vitamin D, B12, magnesium, digestible protein, medicinal mushrooms and ashwaganda are all found in abundance in All You Need.



4 – Cleanse your environment

‘Tidy shed – tidy head’ – as the old saying goes.  Ancient practices of Feng Sui and modern common sense says that a clean workspace enhances clean, focused work.  This might mean having a little tidy up before you start your task.  We also light good quality incense and think of what we are grateful for before we begin.  This helps to put us in a good frame of mind.  However, don’t get lost in tidying up! As some people get lost in it and never do anything! Procrastination is a hinderance to good focus and achievement.

5 – Prioritise Your Workflow

We all have so many things to do, but we need to focus on what is most important and valuable to us in the moment.  We find making a list of what we need to do gives us some focus.  Putting it out on paper can free mental space to allow productivity to flow.  Being able to visually prioritise and focus can lead to achieving incredible workloads.  It is important to focus on one thing at a time.  Go steady and you’ll get more done than you thought was possible! We get a buzz when we tick off one of the tasks, and though we may not complete them all that day, we have moved towards our goals.



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