The Five Essentials For Immune Health

Maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the most important things for our health – as the immune system is our defence against illness and a way for us to heal. Here are 5 key essentials for keeping the immune system strong.

1 – Exercise

Moving our body in a way that brings us joy is essential for our physical health. Our immune system is stimulated and regulated by exercise. The key is to find exercise that you enjoy and will keep doing on a regular basis. Buddy up with a partner if it helps your motivation, or join a class or group that will keep you interested. Many of the best forms of exercise: walking, gardening, yoga, Tai Chi, cycling (once you have a bike) – are free. Exercise is a fantastic stress-buster, benefitting our mental and emotional health. Too much stress and states of fear are a fast track to crashing our immune function, so exercise can be invaluable to balance our wellbeing.

2 – Nutrition

“Let delicious food be your medicine” says All You Need founder and nutritional consultant Juliette Bryant. Our nutrition has a fundamental impact upon our health. The immune system will not function without sufficient levels of Vit D, C and zinc. Adding All You Need to your drinks and food will help boost these essential nutrients in your life. Eating whole foods, and fresh, local, organic foods is best for our health. Good immune foods include garlic, ginger, cabbage, raw chocolate, broccoli, citrus fruits and apples. Making sure you are sufficiently hydrated with clean water is of vital importance for your immune system. We need to clean out the system of accumulated sludge – and drinking clean water (with added superfoods) is a great way to do this.

3 – Detox

There are 2 parts to detoxification. The first is to adopt positive detox habits such as regular exercise, yoga, deep breathing, sauna, colonic irrigation and cold water therapy. The regular consumption of superfoods that assist the body in removing toxins is also important – supergreens (such as nettles, moringa, wheatgrass found in All You Need) and antioxidants (such as sea buckthorn, camu camu and rosehips in All You Need) are great detoxifiers.

The other aspect of detoxification is avoiding (whenever possible) toxins in our lives. This means removing artificial ingredients, ultra-processed foods, pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, toxins from personal care products and other nasties from our lives. Toxins such as alcohol, cigarettes and prescription medication are responsible for millions of global deaths every year. Even caffeine, which is a socially acceptable addictive drug can put the body under toxic stress. Removing or reducing the toxic load on the body allows the immune system to function at a more powerful level, as it is freed from its job of removing toxins – and is able to go into deep cleanse mode – and be there if confronted with other health challenges.

4 – Get Outside

Being out in nature is our natural environment. Modern buildings with air con and wifi are very recent in the human story. Putting your hands or bare feet on the earth or being in a natural body of water is grounding and has many benefits to our health. This includes reducing stress levels and accessing free electrons in the earth which are powerful antioxidants. Natural places such as woods and flowing rivers are rich in negative ions which promote good health and help to remove stress. Getting away from technology such as mobile phones and computers is good for our wellbeing physiologically, as our cells have a break from the constant bombardment of electromagnetic rays and also psychologically, as our mind can focus on being present in the moment (and not in some artificial construct of social media).

5 – Rest & Relaxation

Our immune system will only function at its best when it can have periods of deep rest. This can be achieved through relaxation techniques, yoga, deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation, massage, healing and of course by sleep. Controlling levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the body by practicing relaxation techniques can enhance immune function. When we have enough rest and relaxation in our lives, the body can cope more effectively with the stresses and strains of life as our immune system is re-charged and ready for action.

In conclusion, we need to look at all aspects of our lives to make sure that our immune system is strong. We should trust Mother Nature for the solutions to our health, in consuming foods that have been tried and tested for thousands of years and that are truly safe and effective. Let delicious food be your medicine!

All You Need Superfoods has been made for these times to overcome soil and food nutrient depletion, stress overload and suppression of the immune system – so you and your family can enjoy the best of health.


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